Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Nickname In America:-)

We got a nickname in America. It is “Smiles” named by Nikki! I’m glad to hear that. So I want to keep smiling even though I Oversleep. So this morning, I did oversleep. I’m terribly sorry. Yesterday we went to Newseum & DC. I studied about 9/11. I found Japanese newspaper in America! I found that how shocking 9/11 was. I wanted to study about it more. After that, we went to shopping, taking a rest and Whitehouse with Mike! It was very interesting! And I ate “beef ochadsuke”! It was so cool! I thought that it was mixture of Japanese food and American food. I enjoyed talking with Mike. He knows Japanese words a lot! Thank you for having a good time Mike!


Nina Liakos said...

I think Smiles is a good nickname for you! It sounds like you enjoyed your visit to the Newseum and Chinatown. But I think you should use this opportunity to speak English with Mike, not Japanese. If he goes to Japan, it's a different story!

I hope you will not oversleep this week because I want you to have the time to make your blog as good as possible before the program ends!

Nikki said...

I am so happy you enjoy your new nickname. I call you Smile because you always seem so happy. Whenever I am tired, I just look at you and you make me smile!

Hiromi said...

Hi, Smiles! ^^
Visiting the Newseum sounds really interesting to me, and I'm sure it gives you a new perspective on how you interact with the media, right?

Anyway, sleep well and don't be late for the class, okay~? See ya!