Monday, August 11, 2008

Wonderful Days!

This photo is taken in front of the White House. By the way, I was too tired to sleep yesterday. Because I was still excited! Since Thursday, I’ve been enjoying everyday! Thursday, I went to Inter-American Development Bank. IDB’s building is so beautiful like hotel! I also met Ms. Hiroko Miyakawa who works is Public Information Officer, Office of External Relations. It was very interesting. I realized that the necessity of Spanish Then we went to zoo. I saw many animals! They were very cute! Friday, we went to Baltimore. Then we went to the American Visionary Art Museum. The Art is so interesting! Then we took water taxi around the Baltimore. In evening, we watched a baseball game! That was first time to watch baseball game! It was very very exciting! Also fireworks were beautiful! Saturday and Sunday, we went to many museums. Surprisingly, we met Japanese students of Hokkaido University in the National Air & Space Museum. After that we played volleyball. Even though I was not good at volleyball, I enjoyed so much! And we had dinner at Potbelly near the University of Maryland. The sandwich I ordered was so delicious! I want to go there again! But I miss Japanese food occasionally. Indeed there is Japanese food in the United States, but something is very strange taste. So I’ll enjoy American food this week!


Hiromi said...

What's up, Nozomu?
It's nice to know that you've enjoyed your stay, and I can imagine how much fun you've had by reading your post. :) Please keep having fun throughout the trip, and talk about it on this blog!

Nina Liakos said...

I am really glad you are having such a great time and doing so many new and interesting things! I think it's a good idea to eat American food while you are here. You have 50 weeks to eat authentic Japanese food in Japan, so why eat Americanized Japanese food in the U.S.?

Keep enjoying yourself!

Nikki said...

I had a very good time sitting next to you at the baseball game. You are a very good cheerer!