Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unforgettable Two Weeks!

AGU in America 2008 was really wonderful! I enjoyed it very much. The most interesting experience was communicating with mentors, teachers and friends in English. we talked about many things! I found it to difficult to express what I wanted to say, wanted to talk with you more! It was very good experience for me. I’ll keep trying to study English. And I enjoyed excursion of Washington, DC, Alexandria, Georgetown, Rockville and so on. It was so beautiful that I took a lot of photos by my mobile phone. Eating was also enjoyable. Japanese food in America was sometimes strange but American food like hamburger, sandwich and French fries was really good! This program is unforgettable. I want to go to Maryland and see you again! Thank you.


Nina Liakos said...

Dear Nozomu, you can exactly the right attitude for this kind of program. You were not afraid to try new things. Expressing your true thoughts and feelings in a foreign language is always a big challenge, and two weeks is too short a time to overcome such a challenge, but you made a great start! You can continue to work on these skills in Japan, and perhaps someday you will come back to the United States for a longer period, when I am sure you will overcome the challenge! In the meantime, keep practicing. If you keep your blog active, it will help you to increase your written fluency (just ask Hiromi!). Practicing speaking is harder when you are surrounded by Japanese speakers, but I am sure you can find some English speakers to practice with!

I look forward to reading your first post from Japan. We will be chatting at Tapped In on Saturday, Sept. 27 at 11 pm your time. See you then!

Mike said...

Nozomu, I'm glad you enjoyed American food (hopefully at Plato's Diner and Quiznos). I thought you were a really nice guy and hope that you stay friends with all your new friends at Aoyama.

Have a great summer and stay in touch with me on this blog or mixi!